Our Partners

Victory Garden Initiative Urban Farm

Victory Garden Initiative builds communities that grow their own food, creating a community-based, socially just, ecologically sustainable, nutritious food system for all. Their Urban Farm is located only two miles from FreshFin, and provides fresh produce for neighbors, volunteers, and area restaurants. Learn more about all of their programs on their website.


Juiced! goes beyond what you may think of as “juice.” Our handcrafted, cold-pressed process protects all the benefits of raw fruits and vegetables: nutrition (live enzymes, natural phytonutrients, antioxidants), integrity (never heated and no additives), community support (local, straight from the farm when available), and best of all, fresh delicious taste.

Rishi Tea

Since 1997, Rishi Tea has grown from a small Milwaukee born company to a global brand leading the industry in sourcing organic teas and exotic botanicals of extraordinary character. Fundamental to our ethos is our direct trade and direct import sourcing model, which carries us around the world throughout the harvest seasons, working alongside farmers to tailor-make teas and herbs to our exacting standards.